Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bursting at the $eams

What a gorgeous weekend!
Dave and I enjoyed the best fish and chips I've ever had (in Vancouver) today. After reading the Georgia Straight's Golden Plates I had to seek out and destroy (with my mouth) the #1 vendor of my #1 favourite greasy food. As soon as we left Dave's apartment the cool air and sunny skies made me think of this greasy indulgence and since we were headed to Granville Island anyway, stopping by Go Fish! was the natural choice. I never knew what was hidden in this little blue shack, but it's a delicious chance to fully appreciate the joy of potato and malt vinager - two loves of my life.The batter was crispy and flavourful, the fish was hot and flakey (we had cod, but salmon and halibut are also options) and it was about $15 for two huge pieces, a pound of fries and two drinks. Pretty reasonable especially for Granville Island.

This lovely lunch was the final splurge before the reality of the month set in: the budget is blown for March. I think I purposefully make it quite low because I know it will be hard to manage at any level, in other words, I will always spend more than I should, so if I make the budget low and I go over, it's better than if I'm more generous to myself and go over that.

The budget went downhill Friday night when afterwork drinks (water for me!) turned into afterwork dinner and then a birthday party for a good friend of mine. I dropped 15 on dinner and 30 on wine for myself and the birthday girl. These I consider a part of life. I've previously written about making the right choices to put things off when you have the chance, but this can't always happen. Sometimes you need to get drinking on a Friday night and gift your friend to celebrate their life. If I am good for the rest of the month I would be a modest 55 over budget for the month, which I know from experience is a minor infraction. I will be good. I know it. At least until next weekend.

Live your life! Eat your Chips!


  1. Go Fish is so delicious. Let's go there when it's sunny (and a new month) again. Love the oyster tacones.


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