Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To Begin...

After the 100th time I was told "you know, I took what you said and I tried it," with great results I decided it would be great to get some of these ideas out on 21st century paper.

I'm not a money genius, but I have two accountant parents, so the genes are good. I get a lot of my money knowledge from reading helpful (and decidedly unhelpful) material online, in finance books and big books of knowledge. Basically I'm trying to pay off a school loan (which is currently $5, 000 more than I make a year) in about 4 years to free myself from the shackles of debt... you know... before getting a mortgage and paying that off for the rest of my life. I've found little tips and tricks to stick to a TINY budget while still feeling like I'm living the life I want.

As far as food, cooking as always been my nemesis. I Can cook, don't get me wrong, but in the subsistence, not-dying way; not in any sort of independently creative or tasty way. Having lived on my own now for about 6 years, I can confidently survive. I now quest for better food, a fully stocked pantry and a genuine effort to minimize my impact on the environment and maximise the money I'm putting into my local economy and farming community.

Come follow me as I work though my food trials and money tribulations and I will share what I can with you!

Thanks for reading!


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OSAP Repayment
Final Goal Date: Sept 2009

Started: May 2008
Finished: JUNE 2009!!

$0 .

TD Line of Credit
Final Goal Date: Sept 2012

Started: May 2009
Finished: ??

Only $33,326 to go! .

$12000 in Emergency Savings
Final Goal Date: ASAP

Started: Jan 2008
Finished: ??

$12000 in savings .