Monday, April 6, 2009

Peanut Butter, Banana = Heaven aka PB&B

While I actually ate some delicious fish and zucchini leftovers, I took these pics a couple weeks ago to show you my #1 fast meal.

With 3 ingredients it's a delightful treat, consistently ready to go. I would prefer, in spirit, to use natural PB but on this night, I was too tired to even wrestle with the cold clumps of my fridge-living Organic Natural PB.

I give you: THE PB&B


OSAP Repayment
Final Goal Date: Sept 2009

Started: May 2008
Finished: JUNE 2009!!

$0 .

TD Line of Credit
Final Goal Date: Sept 2012

Started: May 2009
Finished: ??

Only $33,326 to go! .

$12000 in Emergency Savings
Final Goal Date: ASAP

Started: Jan 2008
Finished: ??

$12000 in savings .